Twin Anchors is ISO certified and certified through Quality Assessment Register (QUASAR)

Twin Anchors is ISO certified. What does this mean? We established a quality assurance program in 1998 which encompasses design, manufacturing, delivery, and warranty. We are certified through Quality Assessment Register (QUASAR) accredited by the standard council of Canada.

This means that we ensure our customers are getting the best possible service, and all of our builds are held to high standards. As part of our initiatives we have a warranty program, system documentation (including the quality assurance manual, standard operating procedures that define and control core processes, checklists that guide activities and record that the requirements have been met, HQMS quality management system which streamlines audit management, document control, records management, training management and compliance processes.

Our quality assurance team also does inspections of all of our builds to ensure our customers receive the highest quality product.

Post written by: Samantha Hansma

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